Not a day but 10!! With the Legend, K. J. Yesudas!


Gore Tera Gaon Bada Pyaara…..

The music played along. My hands on the steering rhythmically tapping to the song as I drove through Sheikh Zayed Road. I was stuck by the appeal of the song after all these years! Some songs linger in the recess of our hearts long past it goes out of trend; unfurling memories and a sweet tug at our hearts every time it is heard. So is this song. Sometimes it is not merely the composition but a voice that is magic!

Waiting at the signal, I tried to take count of the songs that have come a long way with me these years… and then I realized, leaving a few out, each of the song holds the same magical voice!            A voice that a Malayalee would listen to almost every day of the year. A voice that makes every syllable heaven to listen to. A voice which has brought Malayalees glory and recognition nationwide in the music industry. A voice that will never cease to amaze. The voice, talent and perfection of K. J Yesudas! He is a legend.  What becomes of one’s excitement when we see a legend right in front of us! Now imagine, getting to work with him for 10 days!

dasettan 2 (1)
Working with one of India’s foremost exponents of classical carnatic vocal music and leading playback singer in all Indian languages, is truly a rare privilege for our team at Whiz Media. Kattassery Joseph Yesudas is fondly called Dasettan and of course for the right reason. His voice is part of every Keralite’s life. Childhood memories always have a tinge of his melodious voice; either from the film songs, radio programs or Ganamelas. Growing older, we have over 60,000 songs of Dasettan to choose from and amazingly everyone one of them unceasingly ecstatizes our senses.

Team Whiz is deeply honoured to be part of Dasettan’s masterpiece rendering he gifted to us last Christmas. The Christian Devotional Album, Snehaarpanam, consists of ten beautiful Christian devotional songs. Tharangini, the music company founded by K. J. Yesudas himself in 1980 at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala is releasing the album. Fr. Manu Kalayil CST, Baby John Kalayanthany and Fr. George Jacob Poothakkuzhy CST have written the lyrics. Music was given by Baby John Kalayanthany, Jojo Kongamala and Joy Thottan. The final composition is bliss to our senses.

According to our Sound Engineer, Midhun Ps, “It was once in a lifetime opportunity.” K.J. Yesudas is surely one of the best singers in India, no doubt; but above that, he is an inspiration for millions in India to strive for the best. Dasettan expressed his views on quality voice training and was with our audio production team during the whole session, offering his support and expertise. He expressed his happiness in working with us and we indeed are proud to understand that the legend enjoyed working with us and acknowledged our state-of-the art infrastructure and professionalism.

Let me tell you… with the thing about magic is that, it leaves us in an unbelievable state, thunderstruck! That is how the experience of working with Dasettan has been.