Witnessing History

Rare are the times when we experience moments that not only make us happy, but also engulfs us with a feeling of gratitude. Gratitude for this universe that we live in, gratitude for the people we meet, gratitude for the friends we have, gratitude for basically every second of our life. At Whiz Media, one such grateful moment was witnessing the Guinness World Record for Non- Stop Radio Broadcasting through 84 hours! Whether it was making our dear client AVT premium’s hot cup of tea for the gazzillion fans lined up to watch the event at 1:00 am, or ensuring that our dear RJ’s Mithun and Sindhu did not fall asleep, team Whiz Media made sure we were there with them EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

By completing 84 hours of non stop radio broadcast, not only did HIT 96.7 FM set a new record that this country can be proud of, but they have given birth to new frenzy and faith into the hearts of thousand radio fans across the globe. The amount of support given to these guys at the venue from the listeners was definitely worth a watch. So here’s a toast to the enormous support, faith, prayers, and sheer hard work form a whole lot of people that made this a successful achievement! Enjoy this small video presentation compiled by our team of creatives.