A New Beginning…from a Woman to a Woman!


A New Beginning..

Eight years back the seed of Whiz Media was sown in Ms. Nisha Joseph’s mind. She wanted to build a place in the Advertising Industry that was honest, creative, and trust-worthy. A look at our clientele would tell you how successful she has been at achieving this herculean task in such a competitive market. About a year back Ms.Nisha wanted to do something for the woman in her. What is the one place where a woman can unwind, relax, rejuvinate, be cared for, and have fun all at the same time? Well…ladies and wives of the gentlemen, look no further. Fellaa Beauty Care and Spa is the answer to that question.

  • Luxurious interiors … check!
  • Highly professional and caring team of staff…check!
  • Five star spa amenities….check!
  • Top notch beauty care products and equipments…check!
  • Relaxing and Rejuvinating atmospher…DOUBLE CHECK! 

Fella is a flower, and Ms.Nisha wanted to gift this bouquet of flowers to all the women who want to make a space in their life, and want to feel confident and beautiful from within. On 23rd April 2014, Whiz Media organised an elegantly perfect inauguration ceremony for our brand new client – Fellaa Beauty Care and Spa. Right from the pretty flower arrangements, to the perfectly designed chocolate boxes, not to forget the delicious red-velvet cake. Every nook and corner was taken care of and excecuted like a charm. Kudos to team Whiz Media for the brilliant effort put in to make this event a success! Fellaa Beauty care and Spa was inaugurated by Souther Super Star Dileep, in the presence of esteemed guests and well wishers of Ms. Nisha Joseph. For a virtual ride of the event and more details on Fellaa Beauty care and Spa, visit their facebook page right here.

We at Whiz Media, wish our dearest MD a hearty congratulations at achieving this grand feat. We hope and pray many more of her dreams manifest into realities!