About Us

This is Our Story .

“If you have a secret wish, capture a butterfly and whisper your wish to it.” Native American Legend

On a sweet summer day in 2005, a team of like-minded creative professionals brainstormed over branding for their company. They penned, thought out loud and researched for something that would be distinct and dynamic. It went on, till they had butterflies in their stomach about what to do next. And then they wished and thought, why not. Today, the humble yet vibrant butterfly is an essence of what Whiz Media embodies and emulates. .

Been there, done that. Whiz Media acts as a dream wizard, guiding institutions around the globe realize their dreams on the big screen, the online space and across airwaves As a prominent media house in the United Arab Emirates,

Whiz Media has expanded as an advertising company, from its nascent setup into the broadcast, print and web realms. In a nutshell, we are a media hub that collaborates the rich diversity of India’s regional languages with a Middle Eastern flavor for its evolving audience. The talent pool here is evidently the envy of every other agency in town. And we don’t blame them. Our crew dares to take the road less travelled and go the extra mile, in transforming that tiny thought in your head into a thing of beauty. After all, eloquence, class and style are just a few of our middle names.

Look no further. This is just the beginning of our
Butterfly Effect!

Why Choose Us?

  • Our Principle & Philosophy
    • Whiz Media sticks to its values, ethics and principles of being true and transparent to its clients. Our team ensures that when you place your money and time in our hands, you can place a huge dose of trust as well. We nurture your product from birth to its brand with the apt mix of marketing, visibility and recall in your targets’ minds.

  • Our Work Culture
    • The medium is the message and we at Whiz Media, strive towards creative excellence in good time. Backed with a consistent research team and an efficient production department, we value each project individually, keep an eye to detail and deliver well within deadlines. Every second counts for us and that’s another reason you can count on us.

  • Our Asset: Our People
    • Our force is our able team of men and women who have their ear to the ground and their finger on your pulse. Whiz Media boasts of bright and swift members who understand you and your market. These are experienced individuals who churn out some of the best ideas in the country and execute them with equal perfection. They have all it takes to make you sit pretty on top of your line of competition

  • Our Infrastructure
    • Whiz Media houses some of the best equipment and technology you would have set your eyes on, in audio and video production. Known for its acoustic range and top quality in production, the media house is a hub for renowned vocalists, musicians and voice-over artists from local circles, different nations and nationalities. Our recording studios are even endorsed and highly recommended by India’s divine singing legend Padma Bhushan KJ Yesudas himself.